The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Engagement Party

You’ve got engaged and you’re on cloud nine, now’s the time to celebrate! An engagement party is a fun way to celebrate your joy and excitement with your friends and family, but with a wedding to plan it can be a tough one deciding what is necessary and how to be time and money smart. Sit back and let help you start your engagement party journey.
How to celebrate. 
There are so many different ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion, so don’t feel under any pressure to do the “norm” do things your way, how you as a couple would like it to be done and not what you are expected to do, after all it is a celebration of your engagement nobody elses. 
Your options on how to celebrate are endless, you could do anything from afternoon tea with your closest friends and family, Hosting a dinner party, Raising a glass at home or even just popping down to your local for a few celebratory drinks.


Who hosts the engagement party?
If you are a traditionalist, the bride’s family would host the engagement party. But in today’s world it is very common that both parents host the party. Sometimes couples will enlist a close friend to organise the party for them, this prevents you from being bombarded by text’s and phone calls. Most of the time however the couple themselves will host the party. I have met couples who have had multiple engagement parties. One with their parents, one with one group of friends, one with work colleagues the list goes on and on.


Who do I Invite? 
Typically you would only invite guests to your engagement party that you know you will be inviting to your wedding day. So if you don’t want your second cousin twice removed at your big day don’t invite him to your engagement party. 
engagement, engagement invitation, wedding invitation

Engagement Party Invitation.

Inviting guests. 
Now that you have made out the guest list, how do you invite them to the event you ask. Traditionally couples would send guests invitations and recently this is a trend that is coming back on the scene. 


Over the last few years couples are more likely to just send a text out to the guest list. Most recently however I have come across couples who are really upping their game in the engagement invitation field and are getting digital invitation images created and sending them through apps like snapchat and whatsapp.
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Wedding Thank You Sign

Making the venue feel like a celebration. 
At any party decorations are necessary and making them personal to you is the best way to go about it. Welcome your guests to your engagement party with a cute thank you for celebrating with us sign. This is a great way to make your guests feel welcome and part of the celebrations. You can also reuse this sign again on your wedding day at the Church or Hotel.
engagement, selfie, selfie frame, engagement decorations

Engagement selfie frame –

Great fun can be had at your celebration with a personalised selfie frame. They are a great way to get the crowd interacting with each other. It is also really lovely to look back on all the photos taken with the frame and have them as a keepsake.


wedding accessories, wedding decorations, engagement decorations, engagement present

“Story of us” sign

Let your guests know how your love story began with a story of us sign, This sign is great as it highlights all the important dates and events that are special to you as a couple. Once again reuse this sign on your wedding day. It will be a great conversation starter when people are sitting around a table.


Wedding Thank You, thank you card, wedding card

Engagement Thank You Card

Saying Thank You.

Being newly engaged you can start to feel overwhelmed by all the love, attention and gifts you have received. The best way to show your guests you appreciate them and all they have done is by saying thank you. A simple thankyou card can mean a lot to the guest receiving it. The best time to do this is about a week after your engagement party. After all this is complete you can get started on the wedding planning. enjoy! 

Kiara xx